Patients often feel an unbearable headache, and when it becomes common for them over time, is known as a migraine. Sensitivity towards lights leads to this throbbing pain which arises at one side of head radiating in your body leading to vomiting, nausea.

The patient might develop blind spots, tingling sensation in arms and legs. The pain can be radiating, throbbing or dull and may last from hours to days.

  • Changes in neurotransmitters of the brain
  • Flashing light
  • Blaring sound
  • Profound smell
  • Stress or hormonal changes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blind spots with numbness
  • Throbbing or drilling headache.

There are many ways to treat a migraine depending upon the frequency and intensity of pain. There are medications, treatments, knowledge, and support for pain relief. Learn to manage chronic pain conditions with experts at our centers equipped with best-in-class diagnosis and treatments. Get personalized pain relief and management programs to get back to your healthy life.