Medial Branch Block-Facet Block


Medial Branch Block-Facet Block

What is Medial Branch Block – Facet Blocks?

Medial branch blocks or facet blocks are used to treat facet joint pain caused due to spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and trauma caused due to car accidents.  The facet joints are responsible for giving support to spine making it easy to flex, bend and twist.

Medial branch blocks are a minimally invasive procedure where the medial branch nerves are blocked that receives pain signals from the facet joint and transmits them to the brain, are injected with an anesthetic to numb the nerve and its nearby tissues. later a contrast dye is used to detect the right nerve is picked for blockage and is inserted with a blocking injection at each targeted nerve. the entire process usually takes 30 minutes. If the patient finds instant relief from the procedure then the facet joint is the cause of pain and the patient is the right candidate for follow-up sessions to get pain relief.

How it benefits?
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Provides long-term pain relief

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