Degenerative Disc Disease


Degenerative Disc Disease


Degenerative Disc Disease is a pain caused by changes that take place in the spine. The spinal disc act as an absorber between vertebrate and bones of your spine to keep your back flexible so that you can twist and bend easily. As you age, the disc becomes less tolerant and begins to break down causing you pain. The stress of everyday movement and minor injuries over the period can cause immense pain and Degenerative Disc Disease.

  • Dehydration causing the disc to be small, inflexible and more prone to emit pain
  • Inflammation caused due to inflammatory proteins
  • Degeneration of cushioning and support of disc
  • Reduced disc space causing pain
  • Aging and the wear and tear due to it
  • Releasing normal daily activities due to immense pain
  • Damage to spine and other parts of the body
  • Enervating pain is causing discomfort
  • Pain and stiffness in back
  • Weakness in the back
  • Discomfort when sitting and numbness in legs
  • Muscle spasms

There are many ways to treat degenerative disc diseases through exercises or nonsurgical methods. An epidural steroid injection can be useful in relieving acute pain. Learn to manage chronic pain conditions with experts at our centers equipped with best-in-class diagnosis and treatments. Get personalized pain relief and management programs to get back to your healthy life.