Chronic Pain Management


Chronic Pain Management

What is Chronic Pain Management?

Chronic Pain Management in Plano includes a series of medication and therapies. Medicines include Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and medications to soothe the irritated nerves like Gabapentin, Elavil. Tropical therapies are done with ointment, crème or patch. We also treat chronic pain through non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Various non-pharmaceutical treatments are the following:

  • Physical therapy: it includes heat therapy, different exercises and massage delivered at home or facility by trained professionals.
  • Acupuncture: it includes placing needles in the affected part of the body to reduce pain and release endorphins by a professional acupuncturist.
  • Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator (TENS): It includes stimulation around the affected area to relive from a variety of pain symptoms.
  • Bracing (of Low back, Neck or Knees) is a way to reduce pain through stabilization.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e., Ibuprofen, Celebrex, Alleve, Meloxicam)
  • Opioids (pain medications)
  • Topical therapies for pain via ointment, cream or patch
  • Medicines to “Calm Down” Irritated Nerves (i.e., Gabapentin/Neurontin, Lyrica, Elavil, etc.)
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Anti-depressants (i.e., Cymbalta, Elavil, etc.)
How it benefits?
  • Rehabilitative stretching and exercises to relieve pain.
  • Ease pain in the affected area
  • A patient can easily resume to day to day activities
  • Easy to maintain and manage
  • Works on the source of pain
  • Reduces swelling

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